Milkadamia and Aspire CoffeeWorks Celebrate Autism Awareness Month

April marks Autism Awareness Month, and we have partnered together with milkadamia to help raise awareness of the importance of inclusion for people with disabilities.

Headquartered just outside of Chicago, milkadamia creates delicious milks, creamers and butters using macadamia nuts. The products are soy, dairy and gluten free. We absolutely love their creamers and recently conducted a taste test to find our favorite. Read Rene’s review below and give milkadamia a try today.

Don’t forget to follow @milkadamia on Instagram and watch for your chance to win an Aspire CoffeeWorks + milkadamia gift basket in April!

Rene’s milkadamia Review

Aspire CoffeeWorks team member, Rene, recently conducted a taste test and suggests pairing any bag of Aspire CoffeeWorks coffee with the milkadamia vanilla creamer.

Upon tasting the milkadamia vanilla creamer, Rene said, “You can really taste the macadamia and coconut. When you smell it, it smells like vanilla ice cream! It’s really creamy, and it’s a vegan’s dream choice creamer.”

Upon tasting the milkadamia unsweetened vanilla creamer, Rene said, “It provides just a hint of macadamia flavor. It’s great for those who are gluten-free.”

Give it a try and let Rene know what you think by tagging @AspireCoffeeWorks and @milkadamia on Instagram.

Use code MILKADAMIA at checkout to receive $5 off your first order throughout Autism Awareness Month.

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