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Emily and Bethany of “Like It Or Not Apparel” Review Aspire CoffeeWorks

Like it or not, morning always comes and a new day begins. At Like It Or Not Apparel we enjoy starting off with fresh coffee. We’re sisters, Emily a stroke survivor and Bethany a busy mom of a toddler, and we run our online apparel shop from two different states. But we were delighted to be able to try some Aspire CoffeeWorks coffee while together on a recent visit!

Since discovering the incredible work and mission of ACW we’ve been eager to get our hands on their coffee. It did not disappoint!

We prepared the ACW Bold Ambition blend using a Chemex coffeemaker. (Highly recommend! So easy and much improved taste over an electric coffeemaker.) The aroma was rich and sweet, and at first taste the brew was full bodied and smooth. We tasted warm notes of pecan and chocolate as we sipped. Bethany drank hers black, Emily added a splash of cream. Both were delicious! We haven’t tried it yet, but have a feeling that this roast would lend itself well to a cold brew method too!

Whether you’re a serious coffee drinker who describes their coffee using colors and coffee cupping language, or more the type who likes a little coffee with their sugar or tiramisu creamer, ACW Bold Ambition is a highly drinkable coffee. It comes with the added boost of knowing that your morning habit supports the beautiful mission of empowerment and teamwork at Aspire CoffeeWorks. It’s always a pleasure to find another brand whose values align so well with ours, whatever their industry or niche!

What fuels our need for caffeine? Our story is this: Co-founder Emily survived a hemorrhagic stroke two and a half years ago at age 25. In an instant her life changed from being a thriving graduate student to living with disability as she learned to walk and talk again. Her recovery journey from aphasia and right-sided weakness is indefinite, and also affects the rest of our family. 

Since Emily’s stroke we’ve learned a lot about living in and through “like it or not” events in life. We call the brave individuals who do this everyday “LIONS”, and becoming one is usually the start of a long road to adapting and learning about life from a completely new perspective.

Inspired by our own experience and the stories of countless others we’ve encountered, we started Like It Or Not Apparel last fall. Our comfy shirts are designed to help the wearer claim their journey of overcoming and provide solidarity along the way.

What better way to start the day than wearing your favorite shirt while sipping your favorite brew!

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