Aspire CoffeeWorks and Canteen Form Partnership

Incredible Coffee that Does Incredible Good from Aspire CoffeeWorks on Vimeo.

Canteen Vending and Aspire CoffeeWorks are excited to formally announce their partnership, an endeavor that will enable Aspire CoffeeWorks to reach thousands of office coffee drinkers across Chicagoland.

This expanded network of office coffee clients will make a profound difference in changing the lives of kids and adults with disabilities across Chicagoland by generating revenue to support crucial programs and therapies at Aspire, a local nonprofit. At the same time, it will create more job opportunities at Aspire CoffeeWorks for adults with disabilities.

For the past few years, the Canteen distribution team has played a key role in helping Aspire CoffeeWorks increase sales and generate awareness about including people with disabilities in the workforce. Canteen’s sales team, led by Aspire CoffeeWorks Steering Committee member and Canteen Vending District General Manager Orrin Huebner, has embraced the social enterprise’s mission wholeheartedly. In fact, Canteen recently hired an adult with disabilities from Aspire CareerLink to work in its warehouse in Wood Dale, a suburb of Chicago. It is truly a dynamic partnership.

Just like the coffee, this is an incredible partnership that does incredible good. 100% of Aspire CoffeeWorks’ proceeds support Aspire’s life-changing programs and initiatives for more than 1,000 kids and adults with disabilities, and their families, across Chicagoland each year.

Together, Canteen and Aspire CoffeeWorks are making a difference in the community through a premium cup of organic, fair trade coffee that’s roasted by our partner, Metropolis Coffee Company. It’s a cup of coffee that you can really feel good about. 

Find out how to brew Aspire CoffeeWorks in your office at

Orrin Huebner with Ben Rankin-Parker who works at Aspire CoffeeWorks, and Jerry Kallas, the Managing Director of Aspire CoffeeWorks, at Metropolis in Avondale.

Orrin Huebner with Ben Rankin-Parker, an adult with disabilities who works at Aspire CoffeeWorks, and Jerry Kallas, the Managing Director of Aspire CoffeeWorks, at Metropolis Coffee Company’s roasterie.


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